PPC Packages in Delhi India

Get Best PPC Packages available in India at Blue Dash Media. Get quality PPC (Google Ads, Facebook/Instagram Ads) management services by our certified PPC experts team. You must buy India’s Best PPC Package If you are still low on ad conversion, leads or traffic or revenue to Your Website? it’s best destination and time for you to change your Ads packages. 9+ Years of experienced team We will help your business grow your making your website or brand more visible through Facebook/Instagram or Google Ads. We will run successful Google Ads campaign for your brand and give you higher ROI and satisfying result. Apart from Google Ads, We provide PPC for Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and other platforms. If you are looking for the quality and dictated PPC Managemnet packages to generate maximum business enquiries or sales then our quality PPC packages are perfect for your esteemed organization.


Your Ad budget with Google Ads or any paid advertisement platform is decided by your goals and objectives, you have to choose daily budget for any campaign accordingly. Changing your ad budget can be done at any time as per results. Your monthly amount spent on advertising on (Google, Facebook, Bing) will be paid directly into advertisement accounts. We charge for campaign setup, ad management & optimization on monthly basis according to your monthly budget. If you do not have landing page for Google Ads – we have website designer to make attractive landing pages which is paid additionally.


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$156 / 11999 INR/M

  • Ad Budget Less than INR 50000/M
  • Any 1 Network Account Set-up
    (Google Ads, Facebook/Instagram)
  • Upto 50 Keywords
  • Contract Min. 30 Days
  • Text Ads
  • Display Ads
  • Shopping Ads



$20% of Total Budget

  • Ad Budget 51k to 1 Lakh/M
  • All Network Account Set-up
    (Google Ads, Facebook)
  • Upto 100 Keywords
  • Contract Min. 30 Days
  • Text Ads
  • Display Ads
  • Shopping Ads



$15% of Total Budget

  • Ad Budget More Than 1 Lakh/M
  • All Network Account Set-up
    (Google Ads, Facebook/Instagram)
  • Unlimited Keywords

Text Ads

  • Text Ads
  • Display Ads
  • Shopping Ads

Frequently Asked Questions on PPC Packages

Note: Clear your all doubts before buying any PPC package or plans.

Ans. PPC Package helps you to run your campaign by a PPC expert of any organization. PPC Expert gives you expected planning for cost, clicks and expected conversion and ROI of your campaign.
Ans. It totally depends on your business objectives. The more you spend the more you get leads/sales. You need to pay a fixed % of amount to a PPC agency as well as daily budget of campaign.
Ans. Daily budget is an amount you invest for each ad campaign in a single day. You can invest according to your goals. Starting from INR 100 to unlimited amount, you can invest for daily budget.
Ans. This is called CPC (Cost Per Click). This is the cost you pay for per clicks on your ad showing in various platforms. It can be reduced optimizing your campagn quality score, if your campaign is in PPC expert hand.
Ans. Try Google Keyword Planner, Keyword Tool or check out the list of keyword tools.
Ans. In Package table, our pricing is given for three types of packages. You need to pay separately for daily budget of campaign.
Ans. It's scalable, measureable, flexible, faster than SEO, easier than SEO, taking over the SERPs, engaging, converts and most important that your competitors are doing it.
Ans. Every time Google Ads some more advert types in its dashboard. Currently these are the major types of Google Ads. Search Ads - Text ads on Google search results Display Ads - Image ads on Google Partner websites or on Gmail. Video - Video ads on YouTube. Shopping - Product listings on Google. App Installation or Engagement Ads - Your app promotion on many channels. Smart Campaign - Simplified automated ads on Google and across the web.