1. Confidentiality:

Blue Dash Media promises to keep customer information confidential.

2. Scope of Project:

Project scope is limited to the Requirement Analysis Document. Only requirement that are specifically written will be considered as requirements. Some minor features/points will be considered as scope of project.

3. Delay in data submission & Payment:

Customer agrees to submit all data required for the project in timely manner as per project schedule. Delay in data submission may cause project delays. Delay more than 10 days beyond the due date of payment will lead to suspension of the project. In case of suspension of project, work will be stopped until payment done to resume the project. Remaining project shall be carried with revised pricing prevailing at the time of resumption.

4. Project Duration and Project Plan:

Project plan and schedule is prepared based upon requirements, at the time of requirement analysis. Schedule is subject to change due to changes in project requirements, additional revision request, delay in data submission etc.

5. Admin Access, Text, Pictures & Images:

Customers agree to provide all required access, entire text, all pictures/images to be displays during advertisement of the website if required. Creatives for social media will be finalized after 2 approval maximum.